Top 10 best fast food fries in america


Known for their perfectly crisp exterior and fluffy interior, McDonald's fries are a classic favorite.

Five Guys

These fries are known for being fresh-cut, cooked in peanut oil, and generously seasoned with sea salt.


 Their waffle fries are unique and popular for their crispy texture and ability to hold sauces well.


Famous for their curly fries, Arby's offers a seasoned twist that stands out.

In-N-Out Burger

Freshly cut and made to order, In-N-Out fries are a staple on the West Coast.


Known for their natural-cut, skin-on fries that are often praised for their potato flavor.


Their Cajun fries are a spicy, flavorful alternative to traditional fries.

Shake Shack

Crinkle-cut fries from Shake Shack are beloved for their crispiness and consistency.

Burger King

Their fries have a thicker cut and are often noted for their crunch and hearty potato flavor.


Crinkle-cut and known for being extra crispy, Culver s fries are a fan favorite for many.