The Best and Worst Foods for Sore Muscles

Tart cherries

Tart cherry juice reduces muscle damage, soreness, and recovery time in elite athletes, according to research.

Cottage cheese

Fitness enthusiasts choose cottage cheese as a post-workout snack because it has 23 grams of protein per cup.

Baking spices

We don't recommend eating Cinnabons or gingerbread cookies post-workout, but a little spice may help your muscles relax.


Curcumin supplements decreased delayed onset muscle soreness discomfort, damage, and muscular performance recovery in early study.


Research shows that a moderate dosage of caffeine (roughly a cup or two of coffee) an hour before working out can dramatically lessen post-workout soreness.


Salmon is a near-perfect post-workout snack with anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats, antioxidants, and muscle-building protein.


After a hard workout, nothing beats a crisp, juicy watermelon. However, research on watermelon's major amino acid, l-citrulline, reveals it may relieve tired muscles.


Eggs after intense endurance exercise may minimize DOMS risk since protein is the building component of muscles.