The 7 Golden beauty rules for mature skin

Prime the skin

Hydration plumps face and makes make-up glide on, although blurring technology has improved makeup outcomes on aged skin in recent years.

Fake tan the right way

Healthy skin is often confused with sun-kissed skin. Many beauty regimens include self-tanners because we know the hazards of sunbathing.

Skip your favourite parts of your skin

Women usually admire their forehead since we age in the lower face. Apply the least quantity on your forehead.

Choose makeup with skincare benefits

Around age 40, sincere friends and family asked whether I was exhausted, causing me to feel miserable. then I felt great.

Buildable formulas > Full-coverage

Thicker recipes with too much coverage should be avoided. You can't disguise wrinkles, so don't try, explains Trinny.

Blush those cheeks!

Trinny thinks that hue gives your complexion a healthy shine. Dab the color on top of the apple of your cheek, below your pupil, and mix outwards for a natural glow.

Your fingers are your makeup brushes

Particularly for concealer and cream blush, which mix naturally when warmed. Tap or push color into skin using ring finger.