Intel signs Microsoft as Foundry Customer, Says on Track to Overtake TSMCStudio

Intel's Custom Chip Deal with Microsoft

Microsoft plans to use Intel's services for a custom computing chip, boosting Intel's foundry orders to $15 billion.

Intel's Competitive Edge

Intel aims to surpass TSMC in advanced chip manufacturing by 2025, unveiling Intel 18A and 14A technologies at San Jose event.

Next-Gen Manufacturing Plans

Intel details strategy to maintain chipmaking lead with 18A and 14A technologies, setting sights on industry speed records.

TSMC's Response

TSMC reacts to Intel's advancements cautiously amid market dominance, focusing on AI chip applications.

Market Impact on TSMC

TSMC's stock rises 17% as Intel challenges its dominance in advanced chip production crucial for AI technologies.

Intel's Long-Term Strategy

Intel reveals plans beyond 2025 to regain chipmaking crown, leveraging government subsidies and global factory network.

Evolution of Intel's Manufacturing

Intel shifts focus to external clients with Intel Foundry, targeting billions in revenues and geographical diversity advantages.

Industry-Leading Performance

Historically, Intel's manufacturing prowess fueled chip performance and premium pricing. Can it reclaim this edge

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