9 stretching exercises that will help you release muscle tension between reps

Alleviate neck and trap stiffness with head tilts and neck rolls between exercises, promoting flexibility and relieving tension for enhanced upper body mobility.

Head tilt:

Crucial post-arm workout for muscle relaxation, preparing muscles to handle heavier weights, ensuring optimal recovery and performance.

Biceps and triceps stretch:

Often overlooked, vital for strengthening and toning calves, reducing muscle soreness and improving lower body flexibility.

Calf raises:

Essential for stretching quads after leg workouts or cardio sessions, promoting muscle flexibility and preventing tightness.

Quad stretch:

Enhances blood circulation, aids muscle relaxation, and improves overall performance by stretching hamstrings and lower back muscles effectively.

Forward bend:

Targets oblique muscles to enhance flexibility, reducing the risk of lower back pain and improving core stability.

Side stretch:

Relieves tension in traps and shoulders, crucial for posture maintenance and reducing stiffness from daily activities or workouts.

Shoulder squeeze:

Benefits gut health and promotes relaxation of hamstrings, glutes, and lower back muscles, whether done standing or lying down.

Knee to chest stretch:

Enhances mobility and balance through exercises like glute bridges, improving overall movement efficiency and reducing stiffness.

Butt stretch: