9 Shade Plants For Beautiful Pots

Plant 'Red Giant' mustard and purple pansies in a bright container to thrive in shade; water when the top inch of soil is dry. Add these to a covered entryway for a cheerful touch.

Bright Pansies

Combine elephant's ear, rex begonia, nephthytis, and blue star fern in a white container; keep soil moist and out of direct light. Shield from summer storms to prevent breakage.

Sophisticated Elephant's Ear

Create a vertical garden with metal containers; include shrimp plant, 'Aquamarine' pilea, variegated Pteris fern, selaginella, sword fern, and arrowhead vine. These plants withstand late-summer heat.

Vertical Shrimp Plant

Use cast-iron plant, caladiums, impatiens, and creeping fig in a neutral planter for a shaded porch corner. This combination will brighten up the shadiest areas.

Shady Caladiums

Combine coleus, verbena, fan flower, Joseph's coat, calibrachoa, and petunias in a vibrant container for shade. Ensure the soil is not soggy and provide shade from the afternoon sun.

Spectacular Coleus and Joseph's Coat

Plant 'Penny Red with Blotch' violas in containers for shady spots; use moist, well-drained soil with 3 hours of sunlight daily. Arrange in a row for a bold, colorful vignette.

Bold Violas

Use 'Celebration' and 'Florida Sweetheart' caladiums, creeping Jenny, and white wishbone flower in an elevated planter; set in shade and water often. The planter allows the creeping Jenny to spill out beautifully.

Caladium Style

Combine maroon Joseph's coat, green coleus, and yellow creeping Jenny in a container for part sun and part shade. Avoid windy locations to prevent coleus breakage.

Verdant Coleus and Creeping Jenny

Plant pink Lenten roses with yellow Acorus, lime green euphorbias, purple violas, and variegated ivy in a shady container with well-draining soil. Keep the soil moist but not soggy.

Lenten Rose Ramble