8 Great Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Create Privacy With Grasses

A cozy seating area gains privacy and noise reduction with tall perennial grasses, framed by a gravel-covered garden bed separating it from the lawn.

Install a Retaining Wall

A retaining wall manages steep levels with two tiers, seasonal plantings, and a built-in fireplace, complemented by a round metal pergola with white wisteria.

Simplify Your Approach

Simple landscaping with wooden post borders, gray fencing, and easy plants like clumping grasses and evergreen shrubs creates an elegant lawn border.

Add Interest to Paths

Line pathways with non-invasive perennials that bloom from spring to autumn, creating a welcoming walkway without obstructing the path.

Frame a Dining Nook

Minimal plants and decor, including an all-weather rug and metal table, transform a small seating area into a charming outdoor room.

Define Your Space with Structure

Use structural elements like a garden shed, flagstone paths, and curved flower beds to define large backyard spaces and guide landscaping choices.

Give It a Garden Theme

Celebrate gardening with potted plants, flowering vines, and strategically placed comfy chairs to enjoy the view of your garden.

Try Open Air Fencing

An open air fence with sight lines and a curved arbor creates an inviting garden area, allowing views through the fence and providing structural focal points.