8 Deer Resistant Perennial Plants from Proven Winners

Bee Balm

These vibrant, clump-forming perennials attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds, are mildew-resistant and deer-repellent, and bloom best in full sun to part shade from early to midsummer.


Cat s Pajamas is a dwarf variety perfect for edging, easy to grow in full sun with no extra care, producing bright lavender-purple blossoms from early summer.


Color Spires and Profusion salvias attract pollinators, are drought-tolerant and deer-resistant, and thrive in full sun, making them perfect for spring gardens.


Sweet Romance lavender offers fragrant, long-blooming violet-purple flowers from early summer to fall, is drought-tolerant, and deer-resistant.

Russian Sage

Fragrant foliage deters deer, while amethyst blue flowers attract pollinators; thrives in full sun and dry soil with a tidy garden habit.

Ornamental Grasses

Finely textured grasses deter deer and provide shelter for wildlife; available in various types with unique benefits from Proven Winners.


Spot On and 'Pink-a-Blue' Pulmonaria are shade perennials with early spring blooms, silver-speckled foliage, and are deer-resistant.

Spike Speedwell

Magic Show Veronica features vibrant flower spikes, is deer-resistant, and attracts pollinators, thriving in sunny to lightly shaded areas with blooms from early summer.