8 Boomer Habits That Drive Millennials Up the Wall

Preference for Traditional Banking:

Boomers often prefer in-person banking over digital alternatives, which can seem time-consuming to Millennials.

Skepticism Towards Online Shopping

Boomers often prefer shopping in physical stores, valuing the ability to see and touch products before buying, unlike Millennials who favor the convenience of online shopping.

The “Back in My Day” Stories

Boomers frequently share stories from the past, which Millennials may perceive as a comparison that downplays their own challenges.

Reluctance to Embrace New Tech Trends

Boomers can be hesitant to adopt new technology, which can be frustrating for Millennials who are eager to introduce helpful apps and devices.

Love for Paper Everything

Boomers enjoy the tactile experience of paper, such as newspapers and handwritten letters, whereas Millennials prefer digital versions for convenience.

Fear of Online Payments

Boomers often prefer writing checks or making in-person transactions, while Millennials favor the speed and convenience of online payments and money transfer apps.

The Art of Unsolicited Advice

Boomers like to share advice based on their life experiences, which Millennials may sometimes find intrusive as they enjoy figuring things out independently.

Obsession with Home Phone Lines

Boomers’ attachment to landline phones can seem quaint to Millennials, who rely primarily on mobile phones.