8 Ball Python Morphs: Color, Pattern & Genetics


The piebald ball python is distinct with mostly white coloring and patches of color along its body. Priced between $300-700, they have a normal appearance from the neck up.


With creamy, pale colors resembling bananas, these pythons are fairly common and priced between $500-750.


Albinos lack melanin, resulting in white bodies with pink eyes and varying shades of yellow markings. Priced between $200-400, they come in high and low contrast variations.


The spider ball python features a spiderweb-like pattern but is linked to a neurological disorder. Priced at $150, it has brown sides with a lighter spine and white belly.


Pastels have lighter colors and markings compared to standard pythons, often with blushing and unusual eye colors. Priced under $100, breeding two Pastels produces a Super Pastel.

Blue-Eyed Leucistic (BEL)

Entirely white with blue eyes, BEL pythons result from breeding Mojave and Lesser morphs. Some individuals can sell for over $500.


These pythons have soft, purplish-tan coloring with a pale stripe along their spines. Priced at $250, they're often used as a base for developing other morphs.


Similar to Albino morphs, Axanthic pythons lack red and yellow pigments, appearing in shades of black, white, and gray. Priced at $200, they resemble standard wild-type pythons.