7 Blue Crab Recipes, From Claws to Crab Cakes

Seafood Gumbo

Succulent blue crabs make Tiffany Derry's satisfying gumbo recipe a seasonal seafood supper.  

Blue Crab Beignets

Beignet batter thinly coats a creamy, warm crab filling with a crispy, light crust in this 30-minute recipe from New Orleans chef Justin Devillier.  

Sweet & Sour Crab Claws

For a messy but delectable party snack, Chef Kristen York of Seaworthy in New Orleans marinates prepared cocktail crab claws in a sauce composed of umami-rich gochujang

Louisiana Lump Crab Cakes

Chef Melissa Martin of New Orleans claims that her aunt Christine showed her how to bind crab cakes using leftover cooked shrimp rather than breadcrumbs.

Crispy Salt and Pepper Soft Shell Crabs

We re always excited when soft shell crabs come in season in spring, especially with recipes like this one from Andrew Zimmern that plays up the tender crabmeat

Chase's Okra Gumbo with Blue Crabs

The legendary New Orleans chef calls for shrimp and live blue crabs for this Creole recipe, and if those aren't available in your area, it's worth the splurge to get them shipped overnight from a fishery

Maryland-Style Crab Cakes

I can t overemphasize how important it is to use fresh, carefully processed meat from blue crabs, says chef Spike Gjerde of Baltimore's Woodberry Kitchen on this recipe