7 Amazing ways to be the best cat owner

1. Choose a good veterinarian and cat sitter

You must first choose a good cat vet, preferably close. Search BringFido or ask cat-owning friends for local vet suggestions. Ask your vet if there's anything concerning about your cat's health during its initial checkup.

2. Get your cat s room ready

Your new cat will acclimate best to your house if he has a specific location. His litter box, bed, food, and toys should be in this contained space. Cats require time to adjust to new people and places, so providing a room for your new cat is crucial, particularly if you have other pets or children.

3. Remember: it s okay if your cat hides from you

Cats often vanish beneath the bed for lengthy durations. Sit near your cat and wait for him to approach. Try again later if not. Leave food and water available for your cat, and if he doesn't eat for a few days, call your vet.

4. Be prepared to groom your cat constantly

You'll notice cat fur everywhere. All cats require grooming, so get good equipment since you'll use them weekly.

5. Socialize with your cat often

Although cats are sometimes considered aloof, they nonetheless require fun. Spend time with your cat daily to help him adjust to new social settings.

6. Clean out their litter box every day

Litter boxes are useful yet untidy if not cleaned. Daily spot cleaning works, and several litter formulae make it easy to scoop and flush waste.

7. Invest in a scratching post

Your furniture, drapes, and rugs will appreciate it. Provide a scratching post for cats to satisfy their scratching needs. It also helps cats exercise and stretch regularly. See our top cat scratching posts.