6 Most Colorful Freshwater Fish & How to Care For Them

We must begin with the simple guppy, one of the world's most popular fish. Pet shops sell different types for $3, or save up for mosaic, tuxedo, albino, and other specialized strains.


The cardinal tetra is sometimes mistaken with the neon tetra. Both feature a blue horizontal stripe, however the cardinal tetra's red stripe covers its whole body, while the neon's just covers the rear.

Cardinal Tetra

One of the most attractive freshwater fish in aquariums, discus is called the king of the aquarium. They appear in dazzling turquoise, pigeon blood, albino yellow, and wild variations.


Another South American warm-water fish is the ram cichlid. Regular type has red, orange, yellow, blue, black, and white coverings. Black, yellow gold, and electric blue rams are also available.

German Blue Ram

Betta fish are essential to any colorful fish list. The most common species is Betta splendens, which comes in practically every color and tail type. Some claim they may survive forever in a cup.

Betta Fish

One of the most notable rainbowfish species is the Boeseman's rainbowfish, which schools and has beautiful colors. Iridescent blue front and brilliant orange back split its almond-shaped body.

Boesemani Rainbowfish