10 Morning Stretches to Ease into the Day

Cobra stretch

Tuck your elbows by your sides and slowly elevate your head and chest, maintaining your hips and groin on the bed.


Hold one knee to your chest with your arms or hands while lying flat on your back. Your lower back should extend nicely.

Spinal twist

Always keep both shoulders on the bed. If comfortable, stretch one arm out to the side, aligning it with your shoulders, and gently swivel your head to face it.

Upper back stretch

Sit on the bed edge with your feet flat. Reach forward with interlocked fingers and a moderate back bend. Put your hands at shoulder height and stretch.

Neck stretch

Relax your shoulders and gently transfer your left ear to your left shoulder with your left hand on your head. Stretch only as far as comfortable. 

Shoulder stretch

Reach one arm across your torso and gently extend with your other arm, relaxing your shoulder blades. Repeat on opposite side after 30 seconds.

Side stretch

Hold your hands over your head with your feet hip-width apart. Lean gently to one side to experience a deep stretch. 

Standing quad stretch

Standing erect, grab onto the wall or chair if needed. Keep feet hip-width apart. Grab your left foot with your left hand. 

Hamstring stretch

Stand tall and slowly bend one knee to sit. Point your toes at the ceiling with the other leg out. Bend forward from your hips to stretch the rear of your leg.

Calf stretch

Step back on one leg with your hands on a wall and softly push your heel to the ground to stretch your back calf.